Undiscovered Beauties Pt.2

Undiscovered beauties in the Euganean Hills With its neo-Gothic style and the large romantic park it represents the last testimony of the civilization of the Venetian villa. Villa Draghi stands isolated on the slopes of Monte Alto, on a small knoll to the west of the town of Montegrotto. The building, as we see it …

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Follina Village the masterpiece between the mountains “It’s strange so far no one has reviewed this place.it’s an abbey monastery which has very ancient roots, the tour of the abbey and the town of Follina will leave you speechless.” “Enchanting, wonderful place of amazing historical value.” The first mention of this abbey was found in …

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The Castle of Taranto

The Aragonese Masterpiece the Castle of Taranto “Extraordinary historical path” “A great historical testimony that has come almost intact to us. The location is spectacular. Kept perfectly cared down to the last detail.” -Some quotes of our tourists THE NAVY OF TARANTO (WHICH MANAGES THE CASTLE) PROVIDES FREE TRAINED STAFF WHO WILL GUIDE YOU THROUGH …

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Targa Florio

Targa Florio A brief history of the Oldest speed brand in the world Italy has always been advanced in speed that’s why although many things have changed through the years we still hear about italian car brands names amongst the best in the world like the famous Ferrari or Bugatti and so on. But italy …

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